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NZQA Unit Standards FAQ

1. What are the requirements for workplace first aid training in New Zealand?2020-12-21T07:03:05+00:00

Some workplaces have greater risks of injury and illness because of the work they do. Circumstances that can affect your training requirements include hazards like dangerous chemicals, machinery used, heights, number of employees and how far away you are from medical help. Think about how your workplace is covered for all shifts and prepare for absences. For guidelines refer to the Departments of Labour’s First Aid For Workplaces – A Good Practice Guide.

2. How do I know if an organisation advertising first aid training services is legitimate?2020-12-21T07:03:05+00:00

First aid training towards a workplace first aid certificate must be done through an Education Organisation that is registered as a training provider with NZQA and has consent to assess first aid unit standards. A list of registered Education Organisations who can assess first aid standards is available via NZQA.

3. What first aid courses currently being offered meet the minimum requirements for workplaces?2020-12-21T07:03:05+00:00

Our Workplace First Aid course meets minimum Department of Labour guidelines for a qualified first aider. Where there are specific hazards in a workplace that are not adequately addressed through the minimum skills covered by 6402 and 6401, then 6400 unit standards or a tailored course of training may be required. Employers should conduct a Workplace First Aid Needs Assessment to determine what skills and knowledge their employees need training in, over and above those covered in 6402 and 6401. The employer should then find an Education Organisation who is able to offer a tailored course that covers these additional skills.

4. Training providers are offering courses of varying duration. What is the minimum length of course I need to attend?2020-12-21T07:03:04+00:00

For courses based on unit standards 6400, 6401 and 6402 there must be a minimum of twelve (12) hours training and assessment. For courses based on unit standards 6401 and 6402 there must be a minimum of eight (8) hours training and assessment. The minimum duration of refresher training, where the learner’s certificate is no older than two years and three months from date of issue, is six (6) hours of training and assessment.


5. I completed my initial first aid training in Australia. Are Australian first aid courses recognised in New Zealand?2020-12-21T07:03:04+00:00

Yes, Australian first aid qualifications are recognised in New Zealand. Under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997 (TTMRA) a person who is registered to practice an occupation under an Australian law is entitled, after giving notice to the local registration authority for the equivalent occupation, to be registered and to carry on the occupation pending registration.


This means that a first aid qualification gained in Australia can be deemed broadly comparable to one gained in New Zealand. To maintain currency in New Zealand, a person holding an Australian first aid certificate need only attend a biannual refresher course. This must be done within two years and three months of either the original course or the last refresher course.

6. What is TriEx’s NZQA External Evaluation and Review (EER) category?2020-12-21T07:03:04+00:00

NZQA places non-university providers into one of four provider categories on the basis of external evaluation and review (EER). This includes institutes of technology and polytechnics, wānanga, private training establishments and government training establishments. EER produces two NZQA statements of confidence in a tertiary education provider: one about its educational performance and the other about its organisational self-assessment. TriEx (Gallagher Bassett NZ Ltd t/a TriEx) has a Category 2 EER: two Confident judgements, or a Highly Confident judgement in self-assessment and a Confident judgment in educational performance.

7. What if I have a complaint about my course?2020-12-21T07:03:04+00:00

Any course trainees that wish to lodge a complaint may do so in writing to: The First Aid Manager, Gallagher Bassett NZ Ltd t/a TriEx, PO Box 9225, Tower Junction, Christchurch 8149. TriEx will investigate all complaints lodged in complete confidence, with any findings or outcomes being passed back to the complainant. Course trainees also have the right to write a complaint to NZQA if they think that any issues with unit standards and the way they are being taught breech NZQA protocol: NZQA, PO Box 160, Wellington, Ph 04 802 3000.

8. I need to do my Refresher course but my original course was with a different provider. Can I still do that?2020-12-21T07:03:04+00:00

We are required by NZQA to check the eligibility of trainees before they attend a First Aid Refresher course. If you have not completed your initial training course with us, please bring your last certificate with you for the tutor to sight on the day of the course. Please note your certificate must be issued within two years and three months of either the original course or the last refresher course.

9. Can I book on the Lifesaver Special courses instead of the regular Workplace or Refresher courses?2020-12-21T07:03:04+00:00

Yes. Our Lifesaver Special courses are our standard Workplace or Refresher courses – same trainers, same material, same quality – just at a reduced price. We reduce the prices on our course for certain days or weeks during the year, especially around short weeks. You can still choose to sit the unit standards during the 8-hour courses.


10. Do I need to be competent in English to attend a course?2020-12-21T07:03:04+00:00

All of our courses are taught in English and a reasonable understanding of the English language is required to interpret the First Aid concepts. If you are concerned about your English you may contact us to discuss the option of having your interpreter attend the course with you.

11. How good does my reading and writing have to be to attend the course?2020-12-21T07:03:04+00:00

All of our assessments are practical based assessments, therefore require very little writing.  You will be required to complete some personal information i.e. Name, Address, Date of Birth, if you require any assistance to complete the writing sections, our Instructors will be more than happy to help. The Instructor will read out any assessment instructions for you and all assessments have accompanying pictures for our more visual learners. Please ensure you advise your Instructor of any concerns before assessments commence.


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