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February Newsletter


  It's a good thing we all get an extra day this month, because February is whizzing by! Check out our latest email newsletter for tips on keeping your workplace and staff safe from infectious disease, which is especially timely given the spread of Coronavirus continues to be a worry for businesses. We've also got [...]

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January Newsletter


Happy New Year, folks -- and welcome to 2020! Dubbed the year of perfect vision (for obvious reasons!), our team is excited to work with you again this year to achieve your vision for health, safety and wellness in your workplace, with loads of great new tips, training and resources. We know many employees (and yes... some [...]

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December Newsletter


The countdown is on -- and with just 8 days to go until Christmas, the TriEx team is busy wrapping things up for 2019, and planning ahead for 2020! We know how busy the last couple of weeks of December can be, so we've keep our latest email short and sweet. Mark your calendar with [...]

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November Newsletter


Summer, the festive season and the New Year break are right around the corner! With many organisations tackling the end of year rush, we've included our top tips for Christmas stress busting below, and have one final Psychological First Aid course scheduled for 2019. Helping Kiwi businesses take care of the health and wellbeing of their teams [...]

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October Newsletter


The final quarter of 2019 is here and the official start of Summer is just 5 weeks away! Many of our clients are currently taking time to review their occupational safety policies and procedures in anticipation of the warmer months ahead, while making a start on their planning for (gasp!) 2020. That's why, this month, we’re providing some [...]

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September Newsletter


The spring flowers are starting to appear, and many workplaces are looking for ways to help their teams recharge their batteries and get back into the zone following winter. That’s why, this month, our newsletter focuses on wellbeing – both physical and mental – in the workplace. Happy and safe employees are good for your [...]

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