Mental Health

Case Study: Supporting the Emotional Wellbeing of SkyCity Staff


SkyCity’s Health and Safety team performed exceptionally while safeguarding the physical and emotional wellbeing of its staff during the events of last month’s fire. TriEx was proud to support them through the first response phase, with two of our Christchurch-based team members going above and beyond to provide additional support and expertise. SkyCity contacted our [...]

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Seasonal Stress Busting Tips


Christmas is widely regarded as the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be a time when stress levels soar. There’s often personal pressure to create the picture-perfect holiday, added financial strain and even increased family conflict – not to mention more stress at work thanks to holiday-shortened deadlines, anxious clients and customers, [...]

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The Five Ways to Wellbeing


Photo of pair foxy curly lady brunet guy raise thumbs recommend up product, buyer wear casual t-shirts isolated blue background Endorsed by the World Federation for Mental Health, Mental Health Awareness Week kicks off in New Zealand on September 23 – and this year is all about encouraging Kiwis to explore their way to wellbeing [...]

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The Journal


The Journal is a free, personalised online programme that is designed to teach you the skills that can help you get through depression.John Kirwan (JK) and mental health experts will take you through a series of online lessons. These include how to stay positive, how to create lifestyle changes that improve mental health and 3 steps [...]

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Positive Communication


Positive communication is the cornerstone of creating a mentally health workplace. This is communication that is based on respect and builds trust and collaboration.  The Mental Health Foundation has created a range of Working Well resources that help your workplace prioritise mental health and ensure employees wellbeing is improved - resulting in a happier team [...]

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Workplace Bullying


Workplace bullying is repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker or a group of workers that can lead to physical or psychological harm. Repeated behaviour is persistent and can involve a range of actions over time. Unreasonable behaviour means actions that a reasonable person in the same circumstances would see as unreasonable. It includes [...]

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