Coronavirus and Infectious Disease Prevention in the Workplace


There are currently outbreaks overseas of a new disease called COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). As of 20 February, China has recorded 2,118 deaths from the Covid-19 outbreak. Health officials have confirmed 74,576 cases in Mainland China in total, though reports estimate that more than 12,000 of those cases have recovered. Coronavirus has spread to at least [...]

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H&S Reminders for Your Team Christmas Party


The law requires employers to ensure the health and safety of staff in their workplace, so far as reasonably practical… but did you know this responsibility also extends to the work Christmas do – even if it’s off-site and outside of normal business hours? Yes indeed – employers organising Christmas parties still need to be [...]

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Health & Wellness Initiatives to Combat Obesity in the Workplace


The World Health Organization describes the prevalence of obesity as an epidemic – and New Zealanders are taking out the Bronze medal in the ongoing race to be the world’s heaviest nation. Obesity is associated with a wide range of health risks – and it can also have a significant negative impact for businesses. Learn [...]

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Health & Wellness Employee Benefits to Recruit the Best Staff


Variation hands with peace sign Recruiting – and retaining – the right staff is vital to your organisation’s ability to grow and thrive. Studies show having great employee benefits on offer can help attract a higher calibre of candidates, while also fostering a positive company culture and encourage staff loyalty. Placing a focus [...]

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Accelerated Silicosis


Last month we wrote about the dangers of silica dust and silicosis. Since then WorkSafe have issued a safety alert for stonemasons working in the bench top manufacturing industry. This is after a high number of silicosis cases have been confirmed in Australia - 99 confirmed cases in people working with engineered stone bench tops. Silicosis is [...]

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Healthy Winter Eating


The official "Junk Free June" cause may no longer be running but this does not mean you shouldn't focus on healthier eating habits. Winter is an important time to focus on your healthy eating as this is the time that we could easily find ourselves reaching for the extra snacks rather than heading outside for [...]

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