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February Newsletter


  It's a good thing we all get an extra day this month, because February is whizzing by! Check out our latest email newsletter for tips on keeping your workplace and staff safe from infectious disease, which is especially timely given the spread of Coronavirus continues to be a worry for businesses. We've also got [...]

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Make Your Workplace Walk-Friendly


Want to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and support your employees to feel happier and more satisfied at work? The key may be introducing some new walk-to-work policies and initiatives – and just in time for Walk2Work Day, Wednesday 11 March 2020! What is Walk2Work Day? Established in 2009 and facilitated by Living Streets Aotearoa, Walk2Work [...]

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Coronavirus and Infectious Disease Prevention in the Workplace


There are currently outbreaks overseas of a new disease called COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). As of 20 February, China has recorded 2,118 deaths from the Covid-19 outbreak. Health officials have confirmed 74,576 cases in Mainland China in total, though reports estimate that more than 12,000 of those cases have recovered. Coronavirus has spread to at least [...]

Coronavirus and Infectious Disease Prevention in the Workplace2020-04-24T03:13:21+00:00
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