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January Newsletter


Happy New Year, folks -- and welcome to 2020! Dubbed the year of perfect vision (for obvious reasons!), our team is excited to work with you again this year to achieve your vision for health, safety and wellness in your workplace, with loads of great new tips, training and resources. We know many employees (and yes... some [...]

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Defibrillators Save Lives in Your Workplace & Community


Also known as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), a Defibrillator is a device that restores a normal heartbeat – by sending an electric pulse or shock to the heart – in the case cardiac arrest or if the heart suddenly stops. AEDs, which are in many public spaces, were developed to save the lives of people [...]

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Helping Your Team Beat the Back to Work Blues


It’s official – Kiwis are now back at work after what might feel like an all-too-brief summer break. Gone are the days of lazy morning lay-ins and vacation sightseeing as staff ditch jandals and shorts for work attire, and get back behind their desks and tools. The first week or two back at work is [...]

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